Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hello Parents-

We are now back on track, full force! There are a few things I would like to bring up:

#1) Mrs. Kertamus is still working on getting the online scholastic ordering to work. Hopefully it will be up soon!
#2) Oct. 28th: Book report due, mystery cereal box
#3) Make sure students read 30 minute per night... Mrs. Kertamus will collect the reading from September this Friday.

We also have the Halloween party coming up!!!! Rachon Duran and I have some wonderful ideas coming on board for this party! We are excited to do it. We will need a couple of volunteers, as well as parents willing to bring things (trust me, they will be easy!) Please post a note here if you can help and I will contact you with that information!

Thanks for your continued support! Let's have a SPOOKTASTIC month!

Kellie Bosarge


  1. Kellie -
    I have a day of vacation to burn and can help with the party if needed. Please let me know ASAP and the date so I can get the time off.
    Trish Eaton

  2. Trish-

    I think we have it all covered for the Halloween party! Thanks for the offer to help!

    Take care